Jenny doesn’t have a scanner, so no comic today.

Jenny lives 498 miles away from my scanner, and Karen, Eric and I are staying at Jenny’s. Kyle’s staying in the Logan dorm down the freeway at UC Davis, where he is attending a three-day orientation for incoming freshman.

Anyway, Jenny’s a lesbian. Conveniently, so is her partner, Terry, who is away visiting friends. I say this so you will know how cool and open-minded I am.

Jenny and Terry are mentioned in a comic here.

Jenny and Terry are sitting at the table in this one.

And Terry appears here.

Both Jenny and Terry are in this one.

Jenny and Terry are one of my favorite couples. Maybe because they’re so cool and open-minded to hang out with a straight couple like Karen and I. Or maybe because, when we do couples’ things together, I know I have the highest concentration of testosterone in the room.

Sacramento, California

July 9, 2010