A quick guide to people who may appear in, get referred to, or otherwise be reflected in the comics. Including you.

Me A dude who thinks comics are pretty okay, but probably shouldn’t be calling himself “dude” or saying things like “pretty okay,” as he’s in mid-life, married and got two teenage kids. By that standard, probably he shouldn’t have recently gone to university full-time to earn a master’s, either. Maybe he’s a “maverick dude” or a “renaissance dude.” Or perhaps he’s just a “few-bubbles-off-center dude.”

My Wife She puts in the 40+ hour weeks and lives with three dudes, a dude dog and a snake of indeterminable gender in a sea of surging testosterone. (One of the two bunnies recently added is a she. So that’s something.) In short, she’s lovable, but overloaded, and it’s forgivable if she sometimes comes across as a bit cranky in the comics.

One Kid Sixteen and smart and funny and male and has two bunnies and one snake living in his room. Goes to high school. Owns a 75-pound dog, too.

The Other Kid Eighteen and smart and funny and also male. Soon to attend UC Davis. Owns a league MVP plaque in track and field, often asks the other kid to close his bedroom door because, hey, bunnies smell.

The Cohort Twenty-seven students ranging in age from early twenties to fifties, studying in recently graduated from an intensive one-year program to earn a master’s in multicultural counseling and social justice. I’m proud of them, proud of us.

You Project your own stuff onto the comic, think some are pretty good, others so-so. You occasionally tell me how you react, or what’s going on in your life that connects you to a comic, because you know that’s the only way you can help stir the pot. And, Lord, does it need stirring.


February 1, 2008